Project Godus Has Met Its Kickstarter Goal

Peter Molyneux's return to the God game genre that he helped to create, and which he sought to revisit in the form of Project Godus, is officially happening. The proposed game, developed by his brand new studio, 22cans, was able to reach its goal of £450,000 with a little less than 48 hours on the clock.

For a while there, things were actually not looking very good. Enough to prompt Molyneux himself go on a PR blitz these past few days, which included revealing stretch goals, showing off multiplayer for the very first time, as well as showing off the current prototype.

Molyneux has also been doing a flurry of interviews, and in one he even revealed that he wasn't made of money, hence justifying the need for a Kickstarter. Which came off a bit desperate to some, even if he was being totally honest.

At any rate, those worried about the possibility of Project Godus not happening can all breathe a sigh of relief. Now it's simply a matter of whether the stretch goals will be met. At this point, the 3 additional single and multiplayer modes have also been met.

Will the ultimate goal, that being Linux and Ouya support, be reached as well? Again, there's two days let and a lot can happen.