Aesthetic-Powered Indie Sole is a Dreamy, Kickstarter Delight

Whooshing through the shadows of an ancient civilisation, skirting the divide between light and dark, there’s a glowing orb that wants to restore life, and help you rediscover who you are. This is what abstract adventure Sole is all about, and it does it without uttering a single word.

Created by independent team Gossamer Games, Sole focuses on bringing an atmospheric, emotionally engaging gameplay experience to the forefront, and lets players illuminate a path in the night around them to unlock secrets, grow trees, and sprout grass. Sole, which has been in development for almost three years, is inspired by games like The Unfinished Swan and Flower, fully embracing their more experimental styles and their renowned ability to dive into the unknown; there’s no specific story in Sole, your actions will uniquely shape your experience and leave you with the nostalgia of having played it instead.

Sole has currently raised $4,026 of its $15,000 USD funding goal on kickstarter. It’s expected to release for PC and mobiles in 2018.