85% Of Gran Turismo Sport Will Be Offline Focused

With publishers pushing multiplayer in nearly every modern title coming out of studios these days, it’s fairly rare to see a game that easily caters for both multiplayer and single-player audiences, focus on the latter. The Developers for the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport have recently unveiled that there will be no compromise on single-player content for multiplayer content, 85% of the title will be focused on single-player.

During a closed off press conference in Malaysia, director Kazunori Yamauchi said Gran Turismo Sport’s single-player aspect comprises 85% of the game. “It might look focused on online at first glance, but in actuality, the online portion of the game is probably about 15 percent,” Yamauchi said via a translator. “The rest of the 85 percent is actually an offline experience.”

So far, known offline content for Gran Turismo Sport includes the Livery Editor, Scapes ( the photo mode), Arcade mode, and campaign. The campaign will make up the bulk of the title offering 150 racing drills and 140 cars to race out in. What’s pretty amazing is that upon completion of the campaign players will also receive a real-life FIA license.

Gran Turismo Sport launches exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on October 17. Excited to get your hands on that FIA license? I know I am. Let us know your thoughts on this upcoming Gran Turismo title down in the comments.