Start Lowering Your Expectations For Nintendo Switch Pokemon Video Game

There’s plenty of hype building up for the Pokemon video game set to launch on the Nintendo Switch and for several reasons. Not only is Pokemon an iconic video game series that has been going strong for years now, but there will soon be the main entry to Nintendo’s latest console release.

In a lot of ways, the Nintendo Switch is a perfect option to release Pokemon video game on. It’s portable just like the handheld consoles main entry titles for Pokemon normally launch on and best of all, it has a wide range of adopters.

Back during E3 of 2017, the announcement was made that a Pokemon video game title is in development for the Nintendo Switch. However, little information was shared on just what gamers can expect from the title in its early stages of development.

That didn’t matter much for gamers however as the hype built up quick. Gamers couldn’t wait to get their hands on a copy with little to no information being made available to the public. This has started to make developers over at Game Freak a bit worried as hype and expectations can quickly ruin the overall game experience the developers had intended and worked hard to deliver.

Speaking with Game Informer, Junichi Masuda, series director, producer, and composer for Game Freak, along with Shigeru Ohmori, director for Game Freak, started to ask gamers to bring the hype down a bit.

The small interview was focused on the developers pleading that they are trying their best to deliver a great video game, but if expectations rise to a level that exceeds the developer’s intentions, then the game disappoint players who purchase the game.

This doesn’t seem to be too out of line for developers to ask, especially looking back at the hype that was built around No Man’s Sky, only for that hype too quickly turn into hate when it came to early adopters.

For now, the video game is still very much in development with no fine details or even a name to be attached to the project quite yet.