VEmpire – The Kings of Darkness Sharpens its Deck-Building Fangs on Steam

Inspired by the frightfully influential House of HabsburgVEmprie – The Kings of Darkness is a gothic TCG where vampires rule the roost.

Similar to games like Ascension and Dominion, the focus is deck-building within the constraints of turn-based, highly atmospheric gameplay. Whether you’re playing against a friend, pitting yourself against a server-selected opponent or roughing it up with AI, the objective is the same: Amass 50 points to win the round.

Before each round begins, both players must draw five cards each and use them as wisely as possible, increasing the power of their respective empires. There are over 100 unique cards to uncover, including spell, vampire, power and location cards, all of them featuring vampiric illustrations. The four playable factions—Rudolf I, Charles V, Maria Theresa and Elizabeth – Sisi—are lords and ladies of darkness, immortal rulers at the frontline of the Habsburg resurgence, and whoever you pledge allegiance to will affect the cards you draw thereafter.

VEmpire – The Kings of Darkness will release on August 29 through Steam as an early access title.