Dive Into Shopping Tycoon’s Chaotic World of Business

There’s a special kind of rush that’s unique to shopping. The glittering aisles of products, the heavenly scents wafting out from the food courts, the siren-like call of the latest electronic gadgets. But what if you had the chance to step outside the role of customer and become a shopping mall mogul?

Shopping Tycoon is a casual management sim that lets you chase that very dream. You can design and manage your own mall, run restaurants and operate successful jewellery boutiques, and expand transportation options to attract more people to your shopping wonderland. There’s also temperature, lighting and security to manage, and the opportunity to have celebrities pay a visit, too. Time it right and the presidents of Germany, the US and Russia might even stop by. Any players who get their mall ranked within the top 100 will be able to share their creation with others.

Shopping Tycoon is launching through Steam on September 12.