Cryptic Adventure Epitasis Blazing a Surreal Path on Kickstarter

Inspired by The Talos Principle and surreal puzzle marathon Myst, Lucas Govatos’ Epitasis is a game that centres around arcane puzzles, forsaken technologies and the ashes of a fallen alien civilisation. It’s an exploratory puzzler through and through, where players stroll through beautiful vistas at their own pace, uncovering secrets behind antiquated machinery and leaping through portals to transcend time.

Govatos is Epitasis’ lead developer, and explains that the game’s surreal sci-fi visuals are a direct manifestation of the music that inspired them—the unforgettable ambience of Tycho, the spirituality of Boards of Canada. Genre-blending composer Funk Fiction (Pejman Roozbeh) is creating the soundtrack for Epitasis.  

Epitasis is currently on kickstarter, where it has managed to raise $4,387 out of its $11,650 USD target. We can expect Epitasis to launch for PC, Mac and eventually PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Q2 of 2018. Interested players can add it to their Steam wishlist today.