Dimension Drive Navigating its way to Nintendo Switch

Indie space-shooter Dimension Drive hit early access on Steam this February after a long development period, and now, it’s finally ready for lift-off. Creator 2Awesome Studio recently revealed that it would be leaving early access and joining the growing line-up of Nintendo Switch titles.

The road to release hasn’t been a simple cruise through space, either. Drama ensued when Dimension Drive‘s kickstarter was trolled by a false pledge, but 2Awesome Studio didn’t give up, and returned to the crowdfunding website to make Dimension Drive a reality. Unlike the standard shoot ’em up, it shakes up core gameplay by splitting the screen in two and tasking players with teleporting between different sides. Naturally, local co-op is an option, but Dimension Drive is unique because it offers the same experience in singleplayer, too.

Dimension Drive is expected to release on Nintendo Switch this fall. We checked out Dimension Drive and thought it was a brilliant concept still in search of some refinement.