Dual Battlefield Shmup ‘Dimension Drive’ Surges Into Early Access

In development since 2013, Dimension Drive started out life as a 2D concept called Dimension Jumper, which has since been moved to the Unity engine and transformed into the 3D side-by-side shoot ’em up with real time puzzles and teleportation that we see today. Developer 2Awesome Studio has announced the game’s Steam Early Access launch, which comes with a brand new trailer showcasing select gameplay footage with updated voice acting.

Dimension Drive made headlines back in 2015 when a €7,000 kickstarter pledge was withdrawn at the last moment, which resulted in the project not successfully meeting its funding goal. Undeterred and armed by new voices of support, 2Awesome Studio returned to kickstarter and were able to raise €36,996, enough to make Dimension Drive a reality.

Unlike the majority of shmup games which take place on a single screen, Dimension Drive comes with a dual-screen mechanic that allows players to switch between environments, employ strategic shooting, and engage in some pretty serious multitasking.

Dimension Drive will release as an Early Access game for PC, Mac and Linux on February 17.