‘Uncanny Valley’ is an Unsettling Survival Horror With Dire Consequences

In the dark, story-driven world of Uncanny Valley, every choice matters. Cowardly Creations’ canvas of horror originally released in 2015 for PC to mostly positive reviews, and promised to immerse players in new, unusual game mechanics that maximised tension. Two years later, Uncanny Valley’s eerie disquiet is headed for console and PS Vita.

Similar to Until Dawn, the choice-based gameplay of Uncanny Valley will ultimately impact the direction of the story, and for this reason, players must complete multiple playthroughs to uncover the entire narrative. Players control Tom, a night shift security guard who works at an abandoned facility and ends up discovering shocking secrets he’d rather forget.

Uncanny Valley features an original consequence system which replaces character death with long lasting effects instead; Mistakes could lead to a broken arm, which in turn affects the character’s ability to wield a weapon later on. Cowardly Creations says they opted for this system because they wanted to heighten the game’s horror value by avoiding players becoming frustrated due to repeating certain sections.

Uncanny Valley will release in early February for Xbox One ($12.99 USD/€12.99/£10.39), PlayStation 4 and PS Vita ($11.99/€11.99/£11.99).