Dimension Drive Kickstarter Trolled to Failure as Pledge Gets Removed in Final Moments

2Awesome Studio had a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming game Dimension Drive, a top-down shoot-em-up title in the vein of Raiden and Raptor.

They sought 30,000 EUR for their Kickstarter campaign and appeared to be on the verge of making it. The game was fully funded after reaching its relatively modest goal but in the final moments of the campaign, a pledge valued at 7,000 EUR was taken away in the last moment, causing the Kickstarter to fail.

"Somebody pledged 7k to our Kickstarter just to be taken away in the last moment," wrote the developers on Twitter. "Trolling the end of our Kickstarter. Funded and its gone."

This isn't the first time, and we doubt it'll be the last time it happens to a Kickstarter campaign, as a the troll who did this will continue to do so until the platform creates a verification service to prevent fraudulent backers from exploiting Kickstarter campaigns in this manner.

The studio is currently looking at other options following this act of "trolling," and several game developers have since pledged to support their campaign, should they manage to get an extension from Kickstarter.

Rami Ismail of Vlambeer and Tomb Raider writer Rhianna Pratchett have both vowed to personally pledge $1k.