Final Fantasy XIII New Character revealed

Cid is a character who appears, or is at least mentioned, in all Final Fantasy installments since the first Final Fantasy. Although he is rarely the same age, and never the same individual in each of the main series, he is usually presented as an owner, creator, and/or pilot of airships and provides transportation to the main characters and their party members at various points of the game.

final fantasy xiii cid

Shonen Jump, a Japanese gaming mag, revealed the new character Cid Raines for Final Fantasy XIII in it’s latest issue.The scan via finalfantasyunion mentions Cid as a Brigadier in a military group not associated with the other military group in Final Fantasy XIII, called PSICOM. The details on his character are still sketchy, but we’ll keep you posted if we can catch hold of any extra info on him. The scan also shows two other unknown characters who are yet to be officially named.