Albion Online Ready to Immerse MMO Fans Into Epic Fantasy

Dusting off its beta shacklesAlbion Online is finally ready to impress MMO enthusiasts with its blend of fantasy, neverending PvP battles, and flexible class system. Last year, we chose Albion Online as one of the top upcoming MMORPGs of 2017. Not only does it incorporate the sandbox gameplay so synonymous with Minecraft, but it’s dressed in a medieval cartoon skin that just looks beautiful.

In a thriving community that boasts 250,000 thousand players, you’re free to create warriors, crafters, merchants, gatherers or merchants, and help drive a fluctuating economy. If you’re not into labels you can even go classless, shifting your role over time. Albion Onine’s world is populated with diverse biomes that let you grow crops, raise animals, and build a home, or if the urge strikes, delve into dangerous dungeons and engage in open-world skirmishes for ultimate dominion.

Interested players can get into Albion Online right here. It’s available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android tablets, and will eventually support high-end iOS tablets too. Note that the servers for Veteran Founders and Veteran Starters will go live on July 19th 13:00 UTC.