Don’t Expect A Rocket League 2 Anytime Soon

With the massive success coupled with a constant stream of content in Psyonix’s anxiety inducing football destruction derby, Rocket Leaguethere has been a conversation in the community whether the already winning formula of Rocket Leauge really warrants a sequel and if it does, will it release anytime soon?

Jeremy Dunham, the Vice President of Publishing over at Psyonix, chatted to on the team’s stance regarding a Rocket League 2:

“We do have a team internally that is dedicated to coming up with new game ideas. We have several game ideas that live and die in a few weeks, and others that last even longer and we are exploring. For us, what is great, is that we are in no hurry. We don’t have to get something out just for the case of our financial security. That’s been the biggest benefit of Rocket League. It has given us the creative freedom to take our time and come up with something else.”

With the success of a title, publishers usually push for a second addition to the franchise in order to make more money from hungry fans. Unfortunately, this more often than not doesn’t go according to plan, sometimes even ruining a franchise completely (Dead Space). Of course, it isn’t always all that negative, sometimes a sequel can make the franchise become even more popular such as Far Cry or Battlefield. For now, Rocket League has a solid backbone, it’s an investment which is running ridiculously well – why reinvent the wheel?