Halo 4 Had to Be “Scaled” Down a Bit According to 343 Industries

Halo 4 is one jam-packed game when it comes to content; there's the standard campaign, the competitive multiplayer mode, and there's even episodic content called "Spartan Ops" that gets new "episodes" regularly, too.

But in in an interview with Xbox360Magazine, 343 Industries producer Kiki Wolfkill reveals that they wanted to do so many things in the game that they even had to "scale it down a bit,"

Halo games have always been big…But there were so many thing that we wanted to do with this game that we even had to scale it down quite a bit.

Don't think for a second though that the content will be trashed in anyway, she also states that they have Spartan Ops to implement these additions.

It’s interesting for us to consider how we can deliver content on a more regular basis instead of in one monolithic chunk of content, and that’s something we’re exploring with Spartan Ops…We did want to make sure we delivered a really cohesive experience and when it came to things like Spartan Ops, there wasn’t really an option for us not to do that.

Halo 4's Spartan Ops Episode Five will be out later today for the Xbox 360.

Should 343 Industries deliver more content for Halo 5 right from the get-to? Or would it be better if done in incremental drops like Spartan Ops in Halo 4?