The Division’s Next Update Will Allow Players To Re-Customize Their Character

Ubisoft is Implementing a long-awaited change to their open-world shooter. Players can finally modify their character’s appearance during midgame.

Before Update 1.7, players would create their character for the entirety of their journey, unfortunately, much like other open-world titles, the character you created would be solidified and unchangeable. Now Ubisoft has implemented a feature which allows players to re-customize their characters in a new room in The Base of Operations. The new ‘room’ will be added to the Terminal, Simply walking to a bathroom and locker room will bring about the options to switch up your character’s appearance

New feature: Face customization

  • The Base of Operations now include a room with an interactive mirror that you can use to change your agent’s appearance. You can find the room by turning right straight after you have entered the Terminal from the Base of Operation stairs.

Update 1.7 is currently live on the Public Test Realm which essentially acts as a beta testing server for developers to see what works and what doesn’t. The update should launch in the near future on all platforms.

The Division is out now for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Still playing the Division? Let us know in the comments below.