Tomb Raider “Final Hours #3” Showcase the Sound of Survival

Crystal Dynamics has released a new video for Tomb Raider and this one is star-studded cast that looks into the game's audo design. Hosted by Zachary Levi (Chuck), he introduces Jason Graves (Dead Space) a famed videogame and BAFTA-winning composer who's now doing the score for Tomb Raider.

Graves reveals that the Tomb Raider reboot is using an all-new theme…and this is the first one he sent Crystal Dynamics which ended up being used in the game's first trailer. Speaking of musical themes, this is one — if not the — most important aspect Graves and the people at Crystal Dynamics are concentrating on. They want to make a theme that's synonymous with the new Tomb Raider brand.

Have they succeeded? Give the theme a go below.

Interestingly, they also showcase the tools they use in making the music come alive and they're doing it not just with a modern piano and whatnot. Instead, they've also incorporated what seems to be a an old-shool percussion instrument, too.

If and when the reboot is deemed a success, we might be hearing Lara's new theme more often than we think; especially now that the studio has confirmed that a sequel will be underway once it does well commercially.

Tomb Raider is set for release in March of 2013, for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.