ARMS Latest Patch Adds LAN Support; Patch Notes Detailed

Nintendo’s latest fighter, ARMS has received a new patch which besides the usual bug fixes, adds LAN support and a spectator mode.

Considering Nintendo’s standpoint of local and split screen gaming, LAN support has been one highly requested feature. It’s awesome to see that Nintendo has implemented it considerably quickly after launch.

You can check out full patch 1.10 notes for the game below. ARMS is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

  • LAN compatibility implemented.
  • Arena mode added.
  • Fixed a problem allowing Kid Cobra to dash indefinitely.
  • Fixed a problem allowing Byte & Bark to warp across the field.
  • Fixed a problem with Arms like the Chackram not hitting the purple boxes in “Ribbon Ring.2
  • Fixed a problem where ARMS Grand Prix is spelled AMRS Grand Prix.

In other ARMS news, a fellow writer has set up a guide for the game. If you are a beginner or just want to study some of the characters then head on over and check out the guide, here.

Nintendo’s ARMS is a fun, laid back fighting game in which up to 4 players can battle it out with unique characters with ARMS attachments. Each character has a different play style further customized with up to 3 ARMS load outs. We’ve wrote a quick guide below going over each ARMS character, their play style, and most of their abilities.