Final Fantasy XV Update 1.12 Is Out Now; Will Take Up Over 8GBs

The latest update for the JRPG, FFXV is live now, but make sure you have space before hitting the download, the file size is over 8GBs in size.

Update 1.12 is set to Episode Prompto compatibility, music from the DLC chapter during non-DLC play and the addition of a very special form of the shapeshifting Regalia: the Type-D, which will finally allow players to go off-road and into the wilderness.

Check out the full patch notes below:

  • Implementation of Regalia Type-D off-road customization option (available at Hammerhead)
  • Conclusion of survey regarding future updates
  • Addition of compatibility with Episode Prompto
  • Addition of pieces from Episode Prompto to music player tracklist
  • Various bug fixes

PS4 Players will have to fork out 8.65GB on PS4 and 10.96GB on Xbox One.

Haven’t heard of the DLC? Check out the Episode Prompto trailer which shows off new enemies, a new storyline along with abilities – and of course, a new area to play through.

What do you think of the Regalia Type-D customization? Something you’ve been waiting for since release? Let us know in the comments below. Final Fantasy XV is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Square Enix has promised to share further developments on the project at this year’s Gamescom.