ARMS | Beginner’s Guide to Every Character

ARMS Beginner's Guide to Every Character

Nintendo’s ARMS is a fun, laid back fighting game in which up to 4 players can battle it out with unique characters with ARMS attachments. Each character has a different play style further customized with up to 3 ARMS load outs. We’ve wrote a quick guide below going over each ARMS character, their play style, and most of their abilities.

Byte & Barq

Considered the hardest character(s) to play in the game, Byte & Barq have a steep learning curve. Barq is an AI controlled robotic dog that can be used as a shield to absorb damage. Jumping on Barq can be used to gain an aerial advantage on the opponent, but his uncontrollable movement can make that hard to pull off. Barq will also attack when Byte attacks, with a short cooldown in between.

Ability 1: Can activate a flurry attack where both characters merge and attack as one. 

Ability 2: Byte can jump on Barq to launch himself into the air.

Default Loadout

  • Bubb
  • Cracker
  • Seekie
ARMS Beginner's Guide to Every Character
Byte & Barq are certainly not beginner friendly.


Helix is another difficult character to master. Helix excels at moving around and evading close range attacks. His elastic body allows him to flatten, shrink into a puddle and twist to avoid attacks. Helix can still take damage while twisting and shrinking so you will have to get good at understanding when to do so.

Ability 1: Can stretch vertically when jumping to avoid side to side attacks.

Ability 2: Can flatten while dashing to dodge high attacks.

Default Loadout

  • Blorb
  • Ice Dragon
  • Guardian

Kid Cobra

Kid Cobra is a character that revolves around and excels at dashing around. While charged up Kid Cobra can perform multiple highly evasive dashes in succession. Learning how to time dashes and attack unsuspecting opponents is the key to mastering Kid Cobra.

Ability 1: Can charge up a dash to perform it quicker and give it more distance.

Ability 2: When charging dash Kid Cobra will duck under attacks.

Default Loadout

  • Coolerang
  • Hydra
  • Slamamander

Master Mummy

Being the slowest character in the game doesn’t hold Master Mummy back from being one of the best. Master Mummy’s abilities allow him to be very defensive and keep a health advantage on his opponent. Master Mummy is a hard character to learn but those looking for a slow and powerful playing style should give him a try.

Ability 1: Will not flinch when taking damage from non charged attacks.

Ability 2: While guarding Master Mummy will regenerate health.

Default Loadout

  • Megaton
  • Phoenix
  • Retorcher


Mechanica, like Master Mummy, is a very armored character capable of shrugging off minor attacks with ease. Unlike Master Mummy however, Mechanica has decent mobility thanks to her ability to hover in the air and dodge attacks. Mechanica is a very safe pick for newer players looking to learn the game.

Ability 1: Hover in the air for a brief amount of time.

Ability 2: Will not flinch when taking damage from non charged attacks and is harder to stun.

Default Loadout

  • Homie
  • Revolver
  • Whammer
ARMS Beginner's Guide to Every Character
Mechanica’s basic play style and ability to take lots of damage make her a safe pick.

Min Min

Min Min is a defensive minded character that can deflect her opponent’s attacks and counterattack with her own. She can even deflect attacks in the air making her one of the strongest aerial fighters in the game. Her play style can be too dependent on these deflections though, making her somewhat predictable.

Ability 1: Can deflect incoming attacks with kicks.

Ability 2: Can hold a charge longer than normal after a successful throw or long dash.

Default Loadout

  • Dragon
  • Megawatt
  • Ramram


Ninjara is a highly evasion character than can move undetected in every direction. While dashing Ninjara will teleport in the direction he was going, opening up the possibility to attack from behind. While blocking Ninjara will automatically vanish into a cloud of smoke to evade the attack, making him one of the best ground duelists in the game.

Ability 1: While dashing will teleport to the target location.

Ability 2: While blocking an attack will disappear and reappear a second later.

Default Loadout

  • Buff
  • Chakram
  • Triblast

Ribbon Girl

Ribbon Girl is a highly evasive, almost impossible character to hit. In the right hands this makes her one of the strongest characters in the game. Once in the air Ribbon Girl can jump up to four times in a row. This makes her the strongest aerial character in the game and her easy to understand play style makes her an excellent choice for beginners.

Ability 1: Can jump up to 4 times consecutively while in the air.

Ability 2: While falling to the ground can hold dash to fast fall and recover quicker.

Default Loadout

  • Popper
  • Slapamander
  • Sparky

Spring Man

Spring Man is a jack of all trades character that is average both defensively and offensively. Spring Man can hold a charge and deflect incoming enemy attacks which leave them defenseless for a short duration. A skilled Spring Man can quickly turn any incoming attack into an outgoing barrage. Spring Man is a very safe character to learn and once mastered can be a very tough match up for anyone.

Ability 1: After holding a dash or jump can time the release to deflect enemy ARMS, disabling them for a short duration.

Ability 2: When dropping below 25% health all of Spring Man’s punches will be charged attacks.

Default Loadout

  • Boomerang
  • Toaster
  • Tribolt
ARMS Beginner's Guide to Every Character
Very few characters can stand up to a well played Spring Man.


Twintelle has the ability to slow down physical attacks while charging. This ability allows her to charge her ARMS while in the air and opens up the possibility of maintaining a charge throughout an entire match. Add that with a high evasion rate and great mobility and you have one of the strongest characters in the game.

Ability 1: While charging ARMS Twintelle will slow down all incoming attacks.

Ability 2: Can slow down herself while in midair and charge her ARMS.

Default Loadout

  • Chilla
  • Parasol
  • Thunderbird