LawBreakers Didn’t Come To Xbox Because ‘PS4 Has Larger Base’

With Boss Key Productions imminent release of LawBreakers, anticipating players have been wondering as to why the team stuck with PS4 and ruled out an Xbox One version. While Cliff Bleszinski hasn’t completely disregarded the notion of bringing LawBreakers to Xbox, the team had behind it had their reasons.

In an interview with Gamingbolt, Lead designer Dan Nanni gave his standpoint as to why the team chose Sony’s PS4 over Xbox One, especially considering Bleszinski had a big role to play when developing Xbox Exclusives like Gears of War.

“You know, it’s Microsoft and Gears of War for Cliff Bleszinski, but it’s Sony and Killzone for Arjan Brussee [co-founder of Boss Key who also co-founded Guerrilla Games]. So all of us have different experiences, different groups that we worked with. We basically had to make a financial decision more than anything.

“PlayStation had a larger user base. We knew we could only support one platform right now. Being a small studio we had to make a decision that was the most financial, and economic sense for us to prosper. I would definitely not write off Xbox One for the future. But right now if we put Xbox into our plans we wouldn’t be launching the game in August.”

There you have it. For the time being, there won’t be an Xbox One version as the team wouldn’t be able to meet the deadline of August launch. That being said, Xbox players may be able to expect a Xbox version in the near future as it hasn’t been completely ruled out.