Matterfall Gets E3 Trailer, Steals the Show

Housemarque’s upcoming sci-fi sidescroller Matterfall received an E3 gameplay trailer, and we’re happy to say it’s in top shape. Housemarque have a strong gaming pedigree with hit titles like Outland and Alienation, so the hype-o-meter is sitting pretty high for Matterfall, too. Matterfall has been in development since 2015, and is gifting fans of fast-paced action with energetic gameplay, vivid visuals, and the challenge of surviving in a deadly pyrotechnic war-zone.

Like Outland, it uses a colour-based mechanic of sorts: Blue Matter can be manipulated to navigate the platforms around you, and Red Matter (also known as ‘smart matter’ in the game) is a dangerous substance infecting enemies. Players need to use a variety of weapons to nuke them, but with matter exploding all around you, it’s no easy feat to pull off.

Matterfall is currently a PlayStation 4 exclusive, and is scheduled to launch on August 15 this year. Interested players can pre-order the game for $19.99 USD right here.