Metro Exodus Devs To Target 4K on Xbox One X; Reveal Was Running On PC

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In a recent interview, the developers behind the upcoming Metro title, Metro Exodus revealed some interesting regarding their title. First, off the E3 reveal which showcased the game’s beautiful visuals in relation to how the game would perform on Microsoft’s upcoming console, was actually running on a PC and not the Xbox One X, however, it has been confirmed that the reveal was running on a PC that had comparable specs to the Xbox One X.

Towards the end of the interview for YouTube Live, the interviewer, Geoff Keighley, asked if they game was seen running on the Xbox One X and what type of performance they are expecting from the game. According to the developers, they are targeting full 4K with HDR on the Xbox One X. They didn’t however, reveal the final frame rate, but did confirm that the game was seen running on a PC with specs comparable to the Xbox One.

The developers also spoke about other platforms and how they aim to use them at their full functionality of the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X. The engine created for Metro Exodus has undergone multiplatform development so they are confident in releasing a great version on each platform.

Metro Exodus is currently confirmed for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.