Horror Point & Click ‘A Room Beyond’ Leaves Early Access

Victorian horror fiction inspired indie A Room Beyond is almost ready to exit early access, and come June 13, its final episode “The Wolf and the Lamb” will also be releasing. Developer René Bühling has framed the game’s story around palliative nurse Bronnie Ware’s memoir, The Top Five Regrets of the Dyingand adopts a clever combination of low poly and pixel art aesthetics to bring a dark fantasy world to life.

In A Room Beyond, players need to uncover the mystery behind a murderous apparition known as the Fog Wanderer, but not not without figuring out their own fate. What brought them to this cursed land? Why is their memory completely wiped? The simple controls make A Room Beyond instantly accessible, even to those without much familiarity with games. And its episodic story has almost reached its conclusion. They’ve been released via free patches so far, and episode five will be no exception.

A Room Beyond is out now via Steam (PC, Mac) for $7.99 USD.