Monument Valley Sequel Announced at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Without any hints, developmental updates or the like, Ustwo Games has released a sequel to the overwhelmingly popular 2014 puzzle game Monument Valley. Simply titled Monument Valley 2, the game once again enters Escher-esque territory with its illusory, meditative puzzles which rely so heavily on geometric impossibility. However, instead of a lone traveller, this time around the game’s protagonists are a mother (Ro) and her child.

Together, they need to manipulate architecture to solve the puzzling world around them, and each have changing dynamics they can apply to different situations. Monument Valley 2 promises a beautiful sonic landscape that is married with an eclectic mix of angular environments, and perhaps best of all—it’s a new adventure completely independent of Monument Valley, so players new to the franchise can start afresh.

The announcement, which took place at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, is in line with Ustwo’s penchant for surprising fans; it previously revealed a vinyl soundtrack accompaniment to Monument Valley last year.

Monument Valley 2 is out now via the App Store for $4.99 USD.