I Am Setsuna Devs Announce Lost Sphear, Mysterious New JRPG

From the developers behind I Am Setsuna (PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch) comes Lost Sphear (pronounced Lost Sphere), which aims to be a “fresh take on classic RPG gameplay” according to the official website. Players control Kanata, a young man who is confronted by a foreboding power that is rapidly tearing his reality apart. Before his hometown completely vanishes, it’s up to Kanata to reconstruct it using Memory, and transforming his thoughts into physical matter.

Like I Am Setsuna, an ATB battle system will be making up the guts of the gameplay. Lost Sphear’s system promises to be more enhanced, and lets players change up tactics and even placement during battle. The trailer doesn’t give away much just yet, only that people are turning into mist, and that memories seem to be the key to reversing the blanket of emptiness.

Lost Sphear is coming out in 2018 for PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 for $49.99 USD. Interested players can pre-order the game right now.