Rumor: PS4 Details Listed by German PSM3 Magazine

While Sony or Microsoft has yet to reveal or even acknowledge the PS4 and Xbox 720's existence, speculation from fans and industry people alike is that their next-gen offerings will be unveiled next year.

Now PSM3's German edition (via TheGNet) has compiled all the relevant info they know regarding the PS4 from the developers they've talked to, and other "sources."

Before you start digesting everything, keep in mind that these are all rumors and as such, should be taken with a grain of salt. There is the possibility that some of these could be true, but until Sony comes on a stage to announce the PS3's successor, everything is still up in the air.

First off, the magazine states that the PS4 won't even be named the PS4. While it will still have the "PlayStation" name attached to it, there won't be a number 4 next to it. The reason is that the number 4 is pronounced "Shi" in Japan and in Chinese. "Shi" also has the same sound as "death" so that makes it a very unlucky number for a lot of people in the world. It's so reviled that "many hospitals in Japan have therefore no room with the number 4 or even a fourth floor – similar to a few high-rise buildings in the West no 13th Floor have."

The PS4's codename, which is now known as Orbis, could even be part of the final name. For the rest of the details, read on below (via NeoGAF).

Second Games of the first generation will look like the high-end PC demos on watchdogs and Star Wars 1313 or Square Enix's Luminous tech demo.

  • PS4 demos to be shown by Sony at E3 2013th
  • PS4 games will not run well at 4K 'Ultra HD' resolution.
  • The standard resolution of the PS4 should be at 1080p and 60 fps.
  • If 4k can be used, then probably only for videos.
  • Used games are not readily run on the PS4.
  • Sony is planning certain protections in the PS4, including perhaps an online pass or something similar.
  • The memory should be at 4GB to 8GB
  • The PS4 will probably have 4GB of memory, but in the end could have 8GB: If the Microsoft Xbox 360 successor have 8GB memory, then Sony would be put under pressure and should follow suit.
  • 16GB flash memory are planned.
  • The PS4 will not be backwards compatible with PS3 games.
  • Games need to be registered to PlayStation Network account.
  • The paid premium service PlayStation Plus will be an important pillar of the PS4.
  • Every PS4 should be shipped with a PS Move compatible controller and camera.
  •  Classic games will be available via cloud gaming (Gaikai).
  • "In-Game" Advertising is to keep on the PS4 collection.
  • The console will use an AMD Accelerated Processor (4 cores). The chip carries the code name "Liverpool" and is produced in a 28-nanometer process.
  • The PS4 will cost about EUR 400 to EUR 500 in Europe, where Sony has here probably expect to lose.

According to the post, Sony has not commented, denied or confirmed the info listed above. Of course, I expect Sony to say their standard " we don't comment on rumors and speculations" spiel that most companies use nowadays. 

Again, everything listed above has not been confirmed. So don't go spreading it around like gospel, alright? However, they do fall in line with what we've heard regarding the PlayStation 4 so far, so there is a chance some of the details might be true. 

Based from the rumors mentioned, what do you want see come true when it comes to Sony's next-gen platform? Would you be fine with it having any sort of restriction for second-hand games or is it not that big of a deal?