Guild Wars 2’s The Lost Shores Update is a Mini-Expansion Pack

Guild Wars 2 The Lost Shores

Guild Wars 2 intends to live up to its reputation as a "persistent" online game with a forthcoming update called The Lost Shores.

This is the second major content update since the game's release (right after the Halloween update, which ended about a week ago) and one that is said to "forever change the world" of Guild Wars 2.

The update, which is set to launch on November 15, will add numerous new features into the game, and will kick off with a multi-stage, one-time event that will only be available to players during that period of time. The main event will begin this Friday, November 16 at noon PST in Lion's Arch. This will be the first of three phases, the second of which will take place the following day at noon.

"Each phase is triggered by a special event, but you will be able to enjoy additional content afterwards even if you cannot make the kick-off time," ArenaNet said in an update on the game's official forums.

The third and final day on Sunday will run multiple hours, but it will be limited to players who are in time for the event.

"Again, this will only run once, so make sure you will be there! There will be plenty of content available to enjoy that will remain permanently in the world as a result of the outcome of this event on Sunday," ArenaNet said.

Afterwards, The Lost Shores will add a new zone accessible to all players regardless of level, a large new dungeon, and a new PvP map set within a Kodan dojo.

The content pack will see the addition of new gear, which range from additional weapon skins to item enhancements and an entire new tier of items that is set between Exotic and Legendary. Crafters will also discover a new resource to harvest with 200 new recipes to play around with.