Ubisoft Gives More Details on When the Avatar Game Will Release

Ubisoft has updated its fans with a suggestive release date for their highly anticipated title – Avatar. Yes, that is right, earlier this year Ubisoft announced that they will be developing an Avatar game and it will be helmed by The Division developers – Massive Entertainment.

However, since the announcement, the project sort of went quiet. Today a Ubisoft representative told IGN that the untitled Avatar game won’t be releasing anytime soon. In fact, the game won’t be releasing until FY21, or fiscal year 2021. That means the game is not to premier before April 1, 2020.

“Avatar is one of the biggest and most powerful entertainment brands. Our first game was profitable and we have great plans for the new one, with a very strong studio and engine. The movie will be released end of 2020, so our game won’t be released before FY21.”

This is relatively bummer news as many fans thought the game would release a little earlier. However, it seems that the movie and the game will be neck and neck with its release dates. With four sequels to Avatar in development, Massive and Lightstorm are working side-by-side to expand on the movie universe in new ways and offer the freedom to experience Pandora like never before.

In recent Ubisoft news, the company announced three new titles for this fiscal year. The three titles are the following: a new unnamed Assassins Creed title rumored to take place in Egypt, Far Cry 5 which is rumored to take place in a Western scenery, and lastly, The Crew 2.

As of right now, there are currently no firm details about these titles, but you can expect more to come at E3 2017.

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