Candy Crush Game Show Hosted by Mario Lopez Receives First Promo, Watch Here

Candy Crush is no doubt one of the biggest mobile games of all time. It has an outstanding amount of returning players, addicting gameplay, and endless amounts of levels. Now the hit mobile game show is coming to life on the network CBS.

The new game show, which is hosted by Mario Lopez, will have contestants trying to play the iconic game in some very dangerous and fun new ways. Down below is the first promotional advertisement for the show, where it shows viewers a glimpse at how the game show will work.

Check it out in full promo by clicking here.


As you can see from the promo, contestants will have to swing, slide, and swipe on some pretty crazy obstacles if they wish to be successful on the game show. The prize money is at a grand total of $100,000, so if you’re good at Candy Crush you probably should start thinking about entering!

Candy Crush premieres Sunday, July 9 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

Source: EW