Monster Slayers Just Got Enhanced With ‘Fire & Steel’ DLC

Nerdook’s deck-building RPG Monster Slayers is receiving a sweet stack of new content in the new ‘Fire & Steel’ DLC. Monster Slayers was born as a flash game in 2010 but eventually launched on Steam back in March this year. Since then, it has been updated with six new classes which introduced advanced versions of the six existing playable classes.

The current batch of DLC is bringing two new levels (Volcanic Tunnels and Old Castle), four new bosses, eight new enemies, and an additional two base classes: Merchant and Dragon. New cards for existing classes and seven new companion cards are also on the way. Last but not least, a free update which coincides with the (paid) DLC release will add a ‘Slayer Handbook’ that acts as an information resource for cards and provide details on game concepts.

Monster Slayers is out now via Steam for $8.99 USD (PC, Mac). The ‘Fire & Steel’ expansion is selling for an additional price of $4.99 USD/€4.99/£3.99.