Blood Unity Fan Remake Vs. Original Blood 1997

Once upon a time, a shooter obsessed 7 year old me, snuck onto his mom’s computer and fired up the dial-up modem, to try to get some form of video game which doesn’t involve have ‘Learn To’ in the title. Naturally, of course, I googled the first term which came into mind ‘Blood’ and ‘game’, not because I knew anything about the title Blood, but because I wanted to shoot something with a pulse (yes I know, psycho kid blah blah…).

I then proceeded to download Blood because a game called Blood has gotta have some form of blood in it right?

After an hour of downloading, I fired up the exe. and got involved in this world of curious weaponry and terrifying monsters – I lost myself for a good hour or so until my mom caught me – banning me from the computer and the internet for the next few weeks.

For a while, I had forgotten about Blood until I saw that a modder by the name of OrdinaryFpsfan789 was trying to remake the original game in the Unity engine. Absolute joy!

Unfortunately, the game isn’t ready as of yet, but we do have a couple of screenshots to show the differences:

The game still looks like it has a long way to good, but OrdinaryFpsfan789 is off to a great start!