Rumor: Red Dead Redemption 2 Receiving Live-Action Trailer

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a highly anticipated video game being developed by Rockstar Studios. The video game was revealed last year in October through a trailer and now it’s expected that the video game will be heading to market sometime fall of this year. This would also mean that marketing for the video game will likely be going up very soon and it seems that we’re going to get a live-action trailer at some point.

Alerted by the website, it seems that a film crew was shooting a small live-action bit within Montana. A news reporter from the local area managed to speak with a producer of the film shoot, Jeff Guillot, who was not able to give exact names but did hint at what the production is all about.

Jeff noted that the film shoot was for a live-action trailer set in the wild west. The franchise it’s being filmed for was also noted as an upcoming video game, but again, there was no word on just what video game the film shoot was specifically for.

According to the news report, a scene was filmed in which two men were fighting near an old white church while a train chugged along the background. Apparently, the film crew had to make a few adjustments to the church building itself though church goers were more than happy and grateful for the crew’s renovations.

Because there is no official word on what the live-action trailer is for, we’ll have to label this as a rumor. However, it would likely be a safe bet that we may see this trailer unfold soon, if not around the big E3 expo.