YouTube Content Creators Facing Call of Duty: WW2 Issues

It’s no secret that YouTube content creators have been dealing with a few issues this past year. There have been a number of reports over YouTube’s policy along with the recent fiasco of advertisers pulling away from showcasing their ads on select content. Now it seems that content creators who normally showcase first-person shooters will be facing some difficulty with the upcoming release of Call of Duty: WW2.

Thanks to a report made by Gamerant, we’re finding out that a number of YouTube content creators are facing strict YouTube policy that ultimately keeps the creator from receiving any monetization for their select Call of Duty: WW2 videos.

Popular YouTube content creator, PrestigeIsKey, went over some of the problems he and his fellow content creators are facing with the upcoming Call of Duty installment. For the most part, this looks to be a problem with YouTube’s policy where videos can be demonetized if the content showcases inappropriate content such as violence and language. As a result, the advertisers will not place any ads within the selected videos.

This is a major issue for gaming content creators on YouTube leaving  viewers and creators themselves asking the video hosting giant to make some changes toward their policy. With Call of Duty: WW2 being a more anticipated title, we can imagine that the launch will follow up with massive headaches for content creators and fewer YouTube videos being made showcasing the title.

Perhaps this could sway some content creators to switch towards Twitch in order to showcase the video game, but with so many content creators already establishing an audience on YouTube, the fight to change policy may be more of a viable option to run with.