Bethesda Releases Full Playlist for Prey; Listen to the Soundtracks on Streaming Services Right Now

Bethesda has announced that the official soundtrack to Arkane Studios upcoming space sci-fi shooter, Prey, is now available to listen to.

The full playlist is available on a plethora of music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music or even Google Play. The soundtrack is composed by Mick Gordon, the same person who you might remember from the award winning soundtrack for DOOM.

However, this time around Mick took a different route with the music. As you can tell if you played the Prey demo on PS4 or Xbox One, Mick built a diverse soundtrack that combines ambient arpeggiated guitars and heart thumping synth beats.

The result lends itself perfectly to the tense, menacing journey to uncovering the mysteries surrounding Talos I. You can check out the full playlist down below:


The Prey: Original Game Soundtrack full track list includes:

  • “The Experiment” by Mick Gordon
  • “Everything Is Going to Be Okay” by Mick Gordon
  • “Typhon Voices” by Mick Gordon
  • “The Phantoms” by Mick Gordon
  • “Into the Tunnels” by Matt Piersall
  • “Human Elements” by Mick Gordon
  • “The Truth Will Set You Free” by Mick Gordon
  • “No Gravity” by Mick Gordon
  • “Alex Theme” by Mick Gordon
  • “December and January” by Mick Gordon
  • “Neuromods” by Mick Gordon
  • “Stranded” by Ben Crossbones
  • “Semi Sacred Geometry” by Raphael Colantonio and Matt Piersall
  • “Mind Game” by Raphael Colantonio, Production and Electronics by Matt Piersall

Prey is scheduled to release this week on May 5 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.