The Dream Machine Comes To A Conclusion After 8 Years of Development

From developer Cockroach Inc and publisher The Sleeping Machine, and after eight years in development, handcrafted adventure gameĀ The Dream MachineĀ is about to reach a climactic conclusion soon. The final chapter of the game drops on May 11th, and you would like to play the entire adventure, a bundle is available for purchase on Steam.

This point and click adventure game is unique in the sense that it is truly handcrafted. Some examples of the materials used are clay, cardboard, and broccoli. This whimsical game captures something truly fascinating with the unique scenery, movement, and play on light and shadow that this handcrafted feel lends to it.

Inspirations for the story were drawn from the work of psychonaut John C Lilly. It delves into the minds of both loved ones and strangers as you try and save them from The Dream Machine. The major themes tacked in this game are dreams and voyeurism.

In addition, to celebrate the release of the final Chapter in the series, Cockroach Inc has decided to discount all previous chapters on Steam. The ratings for this game are overall Very Positive, with an impressive 94% score. The game also wraps up five years to the exact day when the first chapter was released on Steam.