Black Ops 2: Our First Official Look at the Zombies Menu, Mag Extraction Viewable in Multiplayer

While we've already seen part of Black Ops 2's zombie mode menu screen, we now get our first official look and its courtesy of Treyarch Game Design Director David Vonderhaar.

"Vahn" tweeted an image of his workstation where it needed a remodeling because of…zombies. His tweet states, "I had to remodel my work environment. Why? Because Zombies" and included an image which you can see below.

That's a lot of screens to play zombies on, no? Just in case you didn't know, you can access the zombies mode straightaway by enabling it in the game's option. Players can choose which mode the game boots to automatically once the play the game. So users can either have the campaign, multiplayer or zombies mode be the default start-up for Black Ops 2. This is dead useful for those who know they just want to play multiplayer or zombies and doesn't want to go through the other menus in the process.

Aside from the image Vonderhaar tweeted, we can point out one other minor change that Black Ops 2 is bringing to Call of Duty's multiplayer. Now when a player reloads and extracts the magazine from the gun to put in a new one, players will be able to see the player model do so in real-time. 

Confused to what I'm talking about? Here's an image to help you out (via Reddit).

That image was picked up from our latest look at Nuketown 2025. Unless I'm mistaken, this is the first time we can see someone reload their gun with the actual magazine on hand in a Call of Duty game. It's nothing revolutionary but it's neat they finally added it. 

Can Black Ops 2 be the best Call of Duty game yet They are making a lot of changes that seem to indicate that but we won't know for sure until November 13 comes around.