New Details Emerge For Upcoming Resident Evil 7 DLC Not A Hero

Capcom opted to go back to their roots with the release of Resident Evil 7. Instead of the over-the-top action blockbuster, cinematic experiences gamers were used to playing with Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, the latest main installment puts the player back into the survival-horror experience.

Resident Evil 7 fans that have already completed the title have likely been waiting on the upcoming free DLC known as Not A Hero which was supposed to launch this Spring. That has since changed with the DLC now being delayed for a release that has yet to be unveiled.

However, while the DLC has been delayed, new details have emerged thanks to the Japanese magazine Famitsu, which was reported by Gamerant. The magazine publication offers a bit more insight as to what the upcoming DLC will be about. While we know that Not A Hero will feature long-time series protagonist Chris Redfield, it’s a mystery as to what he is doing during the events of Resident Evil 7’s narrative.

It seems that Capcom is looking to connect Resident Evil 7 with the previous installments of the franchise with this DLC as the main focus will be Chris Redfield attempting to track something down. Just what that something is, remains to be seen.

Likewise, it seems that the DLC will be more action-oriented as Chris Redfield will be well equipped with weapons in the narrative. Although, that’s purely speculative on our part as we’ll have to wait and see some actual gameplay footage of the upcoming DLC.