Double Fine’s Broken Age Apparently Headed For Xbox One

An eagle eyed Redditor has pointed out that Double Fine’s 2014 adventure game Broken Age is now rated on PEGI (Pan European Game Information), and looks set to release for Xbox One. Much like the previous platforms the game has released for (PC, PlayStation 4 & Vita, iOS, Android & Ouya), it’s been classified PEGI 12 for “violence of a slightly more graphic nature” towards human-looking and fantasy characters.

While the reasons for Double Fine’s delayed Xbox One release are unclear, the move is consistent with previous remastered versions of games launching first on PC and PlayStation platforms, like Full Throttle RemasteredDay of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango.

Like Psychonauts 2, Double Fine’s other venture scheduled for a release sometime in 2018, Broken Age successfully raised more than $3 million worth of funding to secure its development, and since its release has gone on to release a second act. Interestingly, Psychonauts launched first on Xbox and Windows and later on PlayStation 2.