Crazy Physics Puzzler Human: Fall Flat Gets Console Release Date

Remember I Am Bread? That weird, physics-based indie about one slice of bread’s journey to become toast? As if that wasn’t strange enough, Human: Fall Flat took things to the next level by making a game about a frighteningly flexible man named Bob. Today developer No Brakes Games is announcing Bob’s debut for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One, with all new puzzles, additional content and customisation options. Naturally, the PS4 Pro edition boasts full 4K resolution so players can experience the hilarious YouTube phenomenon reborn with a superb visual upgrade. Controlling Bob’s arms and movement isn’t easy, but for players who persevere will be rewarded with multiple opportunities to break the rules.

Players will be getting all the original content too – deliberately unsteady controls, bizarre, open-ended puzzles and maximum clumsiness, as well as the co-op mode. Pre-orders for the game will be available from today for $14.99, and in addition to receiving a free adventure game, anyone who purchases Human: Fall Flat on PlayStation 4 will also receive a dynamic theme.