Human: Fall Flat Officially Launches Today

Thanks to a press release that was sent over earlier today, we got word that Human: Fall Flat has officially launched on Steam. This is a popular video game that was first released to gamers as a prototype build on Since it has taken off, indie developer No Brakes Games had set off to work on a final build.

That final build is now available for gamers to pick up through Steam. Within Human: Fall Flat, players take the role of Bob who must use his limited dexterity and the objects placed around him to reach the level exit, whether that be placed in the middle of wrecked trainyards, cavernous wastelands, or fairy-tale castles.

With the official Steam release, it was revealed that the game will come with a co-op option to allow a secondary character to help along with reaching the level exit. You can check out how the two-player game mode works out within the latest trailer posted above.

Right now, Human: Fall Flat can be picked up on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux through Steam for $14.99. With that said, a console release is not out of the question as developers No Brakes Games are currently in-development to see the game release on other platforms later this year.