Take A Look At This Dragon Ball VR Game

Virtual reality has become a massive force and movement over the past few years. The video game industry is starting to turn out new headsets for PC, PlayStation 4, and mobile platforms. Now that the technology is starting to spread around, new video game ideas and projects are starting to really flourish.

One of the latest projects that are currently in the works is a stab at a VR Dragon Ball video game. Not too many details are out quite yet, though this seems to be a Japanese release where gamers will use a mobile VR headset and tracking markers on their hands.

The developer behind the project is Mega House and a trailer showcases some of the features that gamers can expect from the title. You’ll notice a section where a player is charging up an energy blast with Goku to defeat Frieza, but there’s also an augmented reality game mode as well.

With the video preview easily becoming a hit with markets outside of Japan, it would be interesting to see if this VR video game will see a western release. Likewise, we’re interested in knowing just where the campaign narrative will take players if there is, in fact, a narrative to go through.

Regardless, take a look at the video preview of the VR Dragon Ball video game by Mega House within the video embedded above.