Star Wars: Battlefront II Will Have Linear Campaign

When it comes to the campaign for Star Wars: Battlefront II, we know very little. There are several questions that are popping up in regards to what we can expect when the video game officially hits the market, though we can’t expect all the answers at once. Luckily, one question that has been popping up a bit more frequently is if the narrative campaign will be linear or featured in separate stories similar to Battlefield 1 and now we have that answered.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Single Player Game Director Mark Thompson along with Creative Executive Steve Blank spoke out a bit on the question so many gamers are curious about. It’s official, Star Wars: Battlefront II will feature a linear campaign narrative and not have separate war stories.

Players will follow Iden Verios, a unit leader of the Empire’s Special Forces, over the course of thirty years. However, throughout that time, players will visit other iconic characters to play sections of gameplay with on both the Empire and Rebel Alliance side.

“Without getting into too much detail that I will get in trouble for… We take all of our cues from how to tell a Star Wars story working with Lucasfilm story group, analysing the movies, breaking down the beats and flow of Star Wars storytelling. So yeah, it is a continuous story with a beginning, middle and end and you follow Iden’s journey for 30 years from the end of Jedi up to the Force Awakens at Starkiller base.

It isn’t a discrete set of missions or separate War Stories like Battlefield 1, you do follow Iden through this journey whilst from time to time, switching sides and playing from the perspective of one of the iconic heroes because again that’s just part of Battlefront’s DNA. Sometimes you’re a Trooper, sometimes you’re a pilot and sometimes you’re Luke Skywalker with a lightsaber.”

For now, we’ll have to wait and hopefully hear more details regarding Star Wars: Battlefront II during this year’s E3 expo.