Rumor: Project Scorpio Releasing At $399.99

Upgraded consoles have been a big movement this generation. Sony is currently offering gamers with the PlayStation 4 Pro and Microsoft is right behind Sony with their upcoming console, the Project Scorpio. There’s been a ton of questions left unanswered since the Project Scorpio was first announced, though as we approach E3 this year, new details are slowly emerging to the general public.

For instance, it was recent that we got the full details on what’s powering the upcoming Project Scorpio console. As Microsoft stated before, the Project Scorpio is a clear winner in terms of power performance. Although, with all these high-end components, it’s likely that this system will fetch a higher price point than the console’s competitors.

Most analysts and speculation pieces have the Microsoft Project Scorpio console launching at least with a $500 price tag with others suggesting the console could go into the market at $700. This would be a rather big investment for some gamers who are looking to enjoy their video games in a console format with the more powerful system.

Recently, a Twitter user by the name DesiXBL has alerted his followers that have released the price for the Project Scorpio in which the unit will go out to the public for $399.99. This has not been confirmed by Microsoft and likely won’t be until this year’s E3 press briefing.

However, if the console could release into the market at that price, we could see Microsoft easily winning over some competition against Sony with several console adopters. Unfortunately, websites normally place false information as a means of a placeholder until the official details are released and available for the general public.

In this case, we may be looking at a placeholder for a price point that has yet to be unveiled by Microsoft.