The Windows 10 Creators Update Is Out Now, Adds Built-In Support For Beam, Windows Game Mode

A new major gaming update for Windows 10 has arrived. The Creators Update, as it’s called, adds built-in support for the interactive livestreaming service Beam, the Windows Game Mode, and more. Microsoft’s Major Nelson walks you through the new features in the video below.

Beam allows you to easily broadcast your games without any additional software acquired. Beam streams are also touted as “having less than a second of delay” making it easier to interact with your viewers.

The Game Mode feature aims to helpĀ  improve “overall gaming performance and consistency by optimizing system resources more efficiently” for games. Game Mode is supported on already-released games as well as new titles coming out. You can access Game Mode by pulling up the Game Bar and clicking on the Settings button. From there, you can toggle it on for the game currently running.

Major Nelson notes that the Creators update is the “first milestone” in Microsoft’s commitment to continually updating and improving the gaming experience on Windows 10. You can also check out a full rundown of what’s new with the Creators Update on Major Nelson’s blog.