Square Enix Announces Release of Free I Am Setsuna DLC, Exclusive for Switch

Confirmed as a launch title for the Nintendo Switch back in January, I Am Setsuna is now set to receive a free batch of DLC. From April 13, Switch owners will automatically get the update, Temporal Battle Arena, which is essentially a party versus party battle mode that rewards the victors with in-game items.

Players will also be able to upload their own battle data, which others can then download and battle against. The DLC becomes accessible after the main story has been completed, and as the trailer suggests, lets players test the strength of their own guardians against others who’ve also completed Setsuna’s journey.

I Am Setsuna is out now and available for Nintendo Switch, PC and PlayStation 4. Note: The Temporal Battle Arena DLC is an exclusive for Nintendo Switch, and will be available via the Nintendo eShop.