Toys R Us Selling Nintendo Switch Units This April 9th

Getting a hold of a Nintendo Switch unit is harder than it looks. Retailers all around the world seem to find a tough time keeping their units on store shelves making it even worse for gamers who consistently miss out on retailer shipments from Nintendo.

Ultimately, gamers pay the price by having to wait for an undetermined date for Nintendo to ship out more units of their latest console hybrid or pay an increased fee towards a reseller online. Luckily, retailers have been giving gamers a heads up as to when they can expect a new shipment to come in.

Thanks to a report made by GameSpot, we know that Toys R Us will be setting up shop for another shipment of Nintendo Switch units this weekend. That’s right if you’re looking to get a Nintendo Switch still then you’ll want to take note that Toys R Us will have a new shipment of units ready to be sold on Sunday, April 9, 2017.

This will be limited so shoppers who are interested in getting a unit will want to show up early and line up for their chance to receive a unit. Likewise, this will mean showing up extra early if you don’t live in a more rural area.

We’re not sure just how many units will be shipped to each Toys R Us store either so that may cause for some gamers to prepare for yet another long wait until Toys R Us receives yet another shipment or for other retailers to have Nintendo Switch units back in stock.