Devolver Digital Pokes Fun At Persona 5 Streaming Guidelines

Persona 5 recently just launched and if you’re a streamer, this launch was met with some frustrating guidelines. The developers Atlus has been keeping gamers in check with some seriously strict punishments if a streamer happens to showcase their latest release online.

As you’re likely aware, Atlus has alerted gamers that if the title is streamed online and spoils the game for others then the account in which the game was streamed on will face a copyright take down. This might come to a surprise for streamers as showcasing new video game titles has been common and popular with services such as Twitch.

This has prompted plenty of jokes to surface online regarding the strict guidelines of Atlus. One of the latest is Devolver Digital, a video game publisher that have brought out Hotline Miami, Titan Souls, Broforce, Noct, and more.

Within a recent tweet, Devolver Digital gave streamers a list of rules for showcasing their video games released into the market.

The tweet states that players must spoil it real hard, must smile, and any failures within the game must be blamed on their poor skills and not the video game. This reminds me of a similar jab Sony did with Microsoft during their initial Xbox One reveal.

If you can recall, Microsoft’s original DRM for the Xbox One prevented gamers from sharing or buying used copies of video games where as Sony uploaded a video showing how gamers can share their video games for the PlayStation 4.

What do you think of the strict guidelines of Atlus? While it’s a new video game and some gamers may not want their experience spoiled, do you feel the developer are going a bit overboard? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.