Riot Unveils Two New Champions For League of Legends

Revealed in a recent tweet, Riot Games will be introducing two new champions in the form of Rakan the Charmer and Xaya the Rebel. The unveiling comes just a day after Riot released a brief animated sequence depicting the two champions, who appear to be lovers.

Both Rakan and Xayah will be available for play starting from next month. Rakan’s passive ability¬†is Fey Feathers, which allows his coat to randomly generate a shield during combat. If he attacks an enemy champion, he can reduce the cooldown of the ability. Like most supports Rakan does better at disruption rather than damage, and works well from a distance¬†delivering blows with Gleaming Quill and Grand Entrance.

Xayah’s passive is Clean Cuts, which lets basic attacks pierce through any enemies in her path after casting an ability. She’s a strategic champion, and this manifests in using minion waves to conjure up fields of barbed feathers to threaten enemies with, and methodically slice through targets with the elusive Double Daggers ability. The catch? Her feather traps, while ingenious in their design and fantastic for catching unprepared opponents off guard, take a bit of time to build.

More information on both champions is available via the official website.