Project Scorpio Announcement Coming April 6th

Microsoft has been pretty tight-lipped when it comes to their upcoming high-end console which is known as Project Scorpio. While it was uncertain as to if Microsoft would unveil their upcoming console before E3 or during the expo, it seems we will get a bit more news regarding the console itself this Thursday, April 6, 2017.

The announcement comes from Eurogamer as they confirmed a reveal regarding the Project Scorpio will be unveiled through Digital Foundry. What specifically will be talked about is unknown right now, though being that Digital Foundry covers hardware breakdowns, it would likely be some type of internal specification.

We don’t expect too much to be unveiled through Eurogamer as Microsoft will likely hold their own reveals. Likewise, since the big E3 expo is just a few months away, there’s a good chance much of the Microsoft Xbox press briefing will be on their Project Scorpio console.

Currently, we know that the console is stated to be the most powerful console to launch on the market and has already beat the PlayStation 4 Pro in terms of specifications. The Project Scorpio will also have 6 teraflops of the graphical computing performance and an eight-core APU with 32 gigabytes per second.

While the Project Scorpio will be an upgraded console choice from Microsoft, the company will not have any exclusive titles specifically outside of Xbox One. With VR being a bigger selling point in recent video game industry trends, it’s not stated as to if VR will be playing a big role with the upcoming Project Scorpio.